Our Story

Welcome to our website. We hope you enjoy our beautiful gemstone jewellery collections. 

My name is Helen and I created Saint-Eligius in January 2021 due to my passion for ethical and sustainable jewellery. Why Saint-Eligius?  Saint Eligius is the patron saint of jewellers and metal workers, famed for his craftmanship and his work for the poor.  At Saint-Eligius.com all of our jewellery is handcrafted and consists of beautiful gemstones set in solid silver or gold, at a fraction of the cost of other retailers.  

I feel strongly that we should be able to own beautiful jewellery without harming the planet and its people.  A lover of sparkling gemstones, I became increasingly aware of the damage and harm caused by the mining of diamonds, both to the environment, and to local populations. However, I was unimpressed with cheap alternatives such as cubic zirconia or glass.  They just dont look like diamonds do, their colour, brilliance and clarity are vastly inferior, and they scratch easily. 

And then I discovered moissanites. Moissanite is an extremely rare, naturally occurring mineral.  However, naturally occurring moissanite gemstones are so rare in nature that all modern jewellery utilises lab grown moissanites, ensuring that they are both sustainable and environmentally friendly.  And cheaper.

Second only to diamonds on the Mohs scale of hardness, moissanites colour and clarity closely match diamonds, and their brilliance and fire is actually superior.  At Saint-Eligius we utilise only the very finest quality moissanites - flawless and colourless, just like the finest diamonds.  

My goal is to sell beautiful but ethical and sustainable jewellery that will not contribute to the decline of our precious planet. So I sincerely hope you enjoy the handcrafted jewellery that Saint-Eligius.com has to offer, a range of luxury premium jewellery that does not compromise on quality, and yet is a fraction of the cost in comparison to alternatives. 

My aim is to deliver beautiful jewellery for you, your family and friends to wear to make you feel that extra special without costing the earth!